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DDS Converter 2.1

DDS Converter 2.1 is a tool that builds DDS files from common graphic formats

DDS Converter 2.1 is a graphics tool that builds DDS files from .JPG, .BMP, .PNG, .PSD and TGA files.
The DDS (Direct Draw Surface) files are texture archives used in collection packs for Doom 3 maps.

DDS Converter 2.1 can convert from any supported format to any supported format.

You must choose the list of images or the image that you want to convert. To list exactly the files you want to see, you can choose the desired format of the input files. The conversion will only be possible for files with size equal to a power of 2.

Then, you must choose the output format for the converted file, and the destination folder in which you wish to save it.

If you have the preview option enabled, you will see the highlighted image in the right panel of the program. You will also see above it some information about the image, such as its name, size, alpha channel, compresion and mipmap number.

In the Options menu you can setup some options, like the compression quality for JPG files, or which DDS tool you´ll like to use.

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